Every day we submit our eyes to a multitude of environmental factors. Eyes are in constant contact with air pollutants, bacteria, dry air, wind, cosmetics and many other factors. Eyelashes and eyelids give a certain amount of protection but it is often not sufficient for sensitive areas of the eye. Environmental factors can be the cause of lid infections, which in some cases may be the cause of secretions, flaking or crusting. »more

Just like adult's, children’s eyes are protected by eyelids and eyelashes. Babies in particular have very delicate eyes that need special hygienic care. The lacrimal glands on babies tend to produce more fluid than those of young people or adults. This is particularly important because the immune system is still weak and tears contain an enzyme that protects against infections. The more tears produced the more crusts develop around the eye, which then need to be carefully removed. »more

Supranettes are a newly developed product for external eye hygiene for the whole family. These eye pads are individually packed sterile soft viscose pads moistened and soaked with plant extracts to provide soothing effects. »more